GMX Ultra-Shield Exterior Waterproofing

To ensure that your basement becomes the room of your dreams – protect it from the moisture that can lead to a damp, wet nightmare. The Ultra-Shield Waterproofing System is the best line of defense against below-grade moisture and the best insurance for a dry, comfortable environment.

GMX Ultra-ShieldThe Ultra-Shield Waterproofing System consists of three high performance components that reduce condensation by minimizing the freeze/thaw temperature cycles, thus producing a less humid, more comfortable basement:

Ultra-Shield Wall Waterproofing:

Protect basement walls far longer than conventional dampproofing products with Ultra-Shield’s tough flexible membrane. By maintaining its flexibility, the integrity of your basement is retained for years.

Insulation, Drainage or Protection Course:

GMX Ultra-Shield WaterproofingUltra-Shield is compatible with a wide range of insulation, drainage and protection course products. GMX’s Ultra-Dry Fiberglass Board provides insulating value and energy savings. By minimizing heat loss through your basement walls, Ultra-Dry reduces home energy use and lowers your utility bills.

Drainage System:

Using a traditional pipe and gravel drainage system, or prefabricated strip drain materials, moisture is channeled away from the basement and funneled into an exterior drainage system or sump crock.