Every homeowner knows that dealing with basement leaks or flooding is a pain. What they may not know, however, is that a wet basement creates a variety of problems and can even decrease your home’s value by 10-20 percent. Rather than risking mold growth, foul odors, and foundation and structural damage to you home, protect your investment with the effective basement waterproofing systems installed by AMCO Waterproofing!

Let Our Basement Waterproofing Company Eliminate Moisture From Your Space Once and for All

Many homeowners try to attempt DIY basement waterproofing, which typically proves to be a hassle, ineffective, and a waste of time and money. To ensure the job is done right the first time, let the waterproofing specialists at AMCO Waterproofing create a waterproofing solution catered to your space and needs.

Offering both interior and exterior waterproofing, the installation of basement sump pump systems and basement drainage systems, plus other waterproofing services, we provide homeowners in High Point with a basement that will remain dry, comfortable, and safe for years to come.

If you are tired of dealing with a wet basement and spending money on water damage repairs, contact us to receive a free estimate for our effective basement waterproofing systems. Our waterproofing specialists will come to your home to thoroughly inspect your home’s basement to identify any existing issues and determine the best waterproofing solution for your space. To learn more about basement waterproofing, check out our homeowner’s guide.